Hi I’m Eleanor. I am 18 years old and have been learning the violin since I was 14,¬†from a small suburb, Oak Park, Illinois

At the moment we are using traditional acoustic violins but my dreams is to one day get an electric violin like my favorite electric violin star Linzi Stoppard.

My violin is everything to me and I like spending most of my free time after school and at weekends playing the violin with my best friends Tori and Nicole. Maybe one day we will be electric violinists or even maybe a string group together. That would be great.

Linzi Stoppard is my inspiration as her electric violin music and the modern sound she makes is like nothing else I have heard. I love it!

Also she looks so beautiful as well as playing the electric violin so well. I started following Linzi 2 years ago when I saw her on TV over here playing at a big event opening with her violin duo. I have seen all her videos, music and interviews and am her biggest fan.

Here on my site you will see some of what I have found on my travels as Linzi’s number one fan.

This is my dedicated website to my inspirational and favourite electric violinist Linzi Stoppard.
See official website for amazing music, videos, gallery, biography and international press – www.linzistoppard.com