These are what I think are the official links for Linzi, well at least they look official to me 🙂

Linzi’s Official Site
Linzi’s Press Site
Linzi’s Video Site

Linzi’s Official Myspace

Linzi’s Official Twitter
Linzi’s Youtube Channel

Linzi’s Music Myspace

Linzi’s Violin Duo FUSE Myspace

FUSE Youtube Channel
Linzi’s Bebo
Linzi’s facebook Fan Page

And some general links to lots of stuff I have found out about her, where she is playing or has played, her electric string group Fuse, more images, and other profiles from online communities…

Linzi’s FUSE Online

Linzi’s Journal
Linzi’s Ning Network
Linzi’s Flickr Photos
Linzi More Videos
Linzi’s Friendster
Linzi’s Press Release Site
Linzi On LastFM
Linzi More Videos
Linzi Squidoo Page
Linzi Stoppard Gives Classical Music ÂŁ1M Rock N Roll Makeover…
Linzi Stoppard Daily Telegraph Arts Feature…
Linzi Stoppard’s facebook…
Linzi Stoppard Interviewed For The Sunday Times Style Magazine…
Linzi’s Vimeo Profile…
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Here are a few blogs I have on Linzi, lots of information going back a few years, everyone seems to agree, Linzi is one of the best! 🙂

Linzi’s Live Journal Blog
Linzi’s Blogspot
Linzi’s WordPress
Linzi’s Blog Hub